English learning Analogy - 3

Published on:  2016-11-13
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Analogy - 3

1. Constitution is to Amendment as Book is to

a) Errata

b) Contents

c) Preface

d) Acknowledgement


 Ans :( a ) : Errata


Explanation :  Any change in the first is made by means of second.



2. Pineapple is to Jelly as Tomato is to


a) Jam

b) Pury

 c) Squash

 d) Pickles


Ans : ( b ) Pury


Explanation: First is preserved in the form of second.



3. Rickets is to Children as Osteomalacia is to


a) Infants

 b) Mother

 c) Adults

d) Old


Ans : (c) Adults


Explanation : Rickets is a disease found in children; osteomalacia is found in adults.



4. Amaranthus is to Weed as Bordeaux is to

a) Insecticide

b) Weedicide

c) Germicide

d) Fungicide


Ans : (d) Fungicide


Explanation: Second denotes the class to which the first belongs.



5. Hygrometer is to Humidity as Sphygmomanometer  is to


a) Pressure

b) Blood pressure

 c) Precipitation

d) Heart beat


Ans : ( b )  Blood pressure


Explanation : First is an instrument to measure second.



6. Denigrade is to Devalue as Upgrade is to


a) Revalue

 b) Praise

 c) Promote

d) Demote


Ans : ( c ) Promote


Explanation: The words in each pair are synonyms.



7. Steel is to Bokaro as Hosiery is to


a) Madras

b) Patna

c) Vishakhapatnam

d) Ludhiana


Ans : ( d ) Ludhiana


Explanation: Bokaro is famous for steel industry and Ludhiana is famous for hosiery works.



8. Aseel is to Poultry as Salmon is to


a) Cow

b) Camel

c) Fiph

d) Horse



Ans : ( c ) Fiph


Explanation: Aseel is a breed of poultry and Salmon is a breed of fish.



9. Milk is to Water as Ghee is to


a) Vanaspati

b) Mustard oil

c) Argemomc

 d) Cream


Ans : (a) Vanaspati


Explanation : First is adulterated by using the second.



10. Chapati is to Cook as Meat is to


a) Boil

b) Fry

c) Bake

d) Roast


Ans : ( d ) Roast


Explanation : Second is the process by which the first is made ready to be eaten.


11. Insulin is to Hormone as Trypsin is to


a) Juice

 b) Liver

 c) Enzvme

d) Digestion


Ans : (c) Enzvme


Explanation: Second denotes the class to which the first belongs.



12. Ploughing is to Aeration as Manuring is to


a) Fertile

b) Replenishment

c) Earthing

d) Agriculture


Ans : ( b ) Replenishment


Explanation : Ploughing is done for the aeration of soil and manuring is done for the replenishment

of soil.



13. Infestation is to Food as Infection is to


a) Germs

b) Diseases

c) Body

d) Microbes


Ans : c) Body


 Explanation: Contamination of food by germs is called infestation.

Similarly, attack on body by germs is called infection.


14. Book is to Publisher as Film is to


a) Writer

b) Editor

c) Director

d) Producer



Ans : (d) Producer


Explanation: The production of first is done by the second.



15. Alienation is to Enstrangement as Paranoia is to


a) Inhibition

b) Behaviour

c) Persecution

d) Ego


Ans : (c) Persecution

Explanation: The words in each pair are synonyms.