English learning Analogy -2

Published on:  2016-10-24
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  1.     Mango:Fruit::Potato:?

a)      Root

b)      Fruit

c)       Stem

d)      Flower

Ans : Stem

Reason: Biologically mango is a fruit, while potato is a modified stem.

2.     Dog:Bark::Goat:?

a)      Bleat

b)      Howl

c)       Grunt

d)      Bray

Ans : Bleat

Reason: Second is the noise product by first

3.       Food : Stomach::Fuel:?

a)      Plane

b)      Truck

c)       Engine

d)      Automobile

Ans: Engine

Reason: Food is processed by the stomach to provide energy for functioning of the body, similarly , fuel is processed by the engine to provide energy for the functioning of automobile.

4.       Moon:Satellite::Earth:?

a)      Sun

b)      Planet

c)       Solarsystem

d)      Asteroid

Ans : Planet

Reason: Moon is a satellite, earth is a planet

5.       Laugh:joy::Weep:?

a)      Grief

b)      Remorse

c)       Baby

d)      Punishment

Ans : Grief

Reason: first indicate the second

6.       Cricket:Bat::Hockey:?

a)      Field

b)      Stick

c)       Player

d)      Ball

Ans : Stick

Reason: in a cricket , ball is hit with bat, similarly , in hockey , ball is hit with a stick.

7.       Bird:Wing::Fish:?

a)      Gill

b)      Fin

c)       Tail

d)      Scale

Ans : Fin

Reason: second is the organ for movement of the first.

8.       Coconut:Shell::Letter:?

a)      Letter – box

b)      Stamp

c)       Mail

d)      Envelope

Ans : Envelope

Reason: First enclosed inside the second.

9.       Smoke:Pollution::War:?

a)      Destruction

b)      Treaty

c)       Victory

d)      Peace

Ans : Destruction

Reason: second is the result of first.

10.   Kandla:Gujrat::Cochin:?

a)      Karnataka

b)      Kerala

c)       Goa

d)      Chennai

Ans: Kerala

Reason: Kandla is famous sea-port in Gujarat, Similarly , Coachin is a famous sea-port in kerala