English learning Analogy -1

Published on:  2016-10-20
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1.  Giant: Dwarf :: genius: ? 

     A. Wicked

     B. Gentle

     C. Idiot

     D. Tiny

    Ans. C

        ( Dwarf is the antonym of Giant, Similarly, the antonym of Genius is Idiot)


2. Newspaper : press :: Cloth:?

      A. Tailor

      B. Textile

      C. Fibre

      D. Mill

    Ans: Mill

           ( Just as newspaper is prepared in a press, cloth is manufactured in the mill So, the answer is Mill)


3. Anaemia: Blood :: Anarchy: ?

     A. Lawlessness

     B. Government

     C. Monarchy

     D. Disorder

   Ans: Government

          ( Anaemia is the state of lack of blood. Similarly, anarchy is the state of lack of government. So, the answer is Government)


4.  Cattle : Herd :: Sheep: ?

    A. Flock

    B. Swarm

    C. Shoal

    D. Mob

  Ans: Flock

      ( Herd is a group of cattle. similarly, flock is is a collection of sheep)


5. Botany : plants : Entomology: ? 

   A. Snakes

   B. Insects

   C. Birds

   D. Germs

  Ans. Insects

          ( Botany is the branch of science which deals with the study of plants. Similarly, Entomology is the branch of science which deals with the study of insects. Hence, the answer is Insects


6. Acting : Theatre ::  Gambling: ?

    A. Casino

    B. Club

    C. Bar

    D. Gym.

   Ans. Casino

            ( Acting is performed in a theatre. Similarly, casino is a place where people gamble. So, the answer is Casino)


7. Vigilant : Alert :: Viable: ?

    A. Active

    B. Hopeless

    C. Feasible

    D. Useful

    Ans. Feasible

              ( Alert is the synonym of Vigilant.  Similarly, the synonym of viable is Feasible. So, the answer is Feasible)


8. Mumbai : Maharashtra :: Trivandrum: ?

   A. Kolkata

   B. Gujarat

   C. Kerala

   D. Sikkim

   Ans. Kerala

          (Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra. Similarly, Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala. So, the answer is Kerala)


9. Menu : Food :: Catalogue : ? 

    A. Rack

    B. Newspaper

    C. Library

    D. Books

    Ans. Books

         ( Menu lists all the food items in a restaurant. Similarly, catalogue is a list of all the books in a library. Hence, the answer is Books)


10. Pulp : Paper :: Hemp: ? 

      A. Basket

     B. Yarn

     C. Rope

     D. Cotton

    Ans. Rope

        ( Pulp is the basic raw material used in the production of paper.  Similarly, hemp is used to make rope. Hence, the answer is Rope.)