Current Affairs - 1

Published on:  2016-11-13
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Current Affairs - 1

1.    Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan launched the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana at Patti in district Tarntaran of the state. Tarantran district is located in which state of India?

a.    Madhya Pradesh

b.    Himachal Pradesh

c.    Punjab

d.    West Bengal

            Ans : Punjab


2.    Prime minister Narendra Modi, on the last day of his visit to Japan, reached Kobe from Tokiyo by the bullet train. Name of the bullet train.

a.    Hayabuse

b.    Nozami

c.    Aoba

d.    Shinkansen

Ans: Shinkansen


3.    Who of the following was appointed as Vice President-elect of US by President-elect Donald Trup?

a.    Ted Cruz

b.    Mike Pence

c.    Melania Trup

d.    Tim Kaine

Ans: Mike Pence


4.    Who of the following was accredited as the Ambassador of India to the Republic of Chad in November 2016?

a.    B.Nagabhushana Reddy

b.    Abhinav Puri

c.    A.K.Ghanashyam

d.    Ashok K. Amrohi

Ans: B.Nagabhushana Reddy


5.    As per United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia report the Arab Spring protest movement has cost what expenses since 2011

a.    614 billion dollars

b.    521 billion dollars

c.    437 billion dollars

d.    300 billion dollars

Ans : 614 billion dollars


6.    As per official date , the industrial production of India in September 2016 grew by what percent?

a.    1.2 percent

b.    1 percent

c.    0.7 percent

d.    0.5 percent

Ans : 0.7 percent


7.    Name the place in Mizoram where the Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu laid the foundation stone for Railway Station Building in November 2016

a.    Lunglei.

b.    Kolasib

c.    Aizaw

d.    Sairang

Ans : sairang


8.    Which man is the real brain behind Mr. Modi currency withdrawel move?

a.    T N Manoharan

b.    Arun Jaitly

c.    Arvind Subramanian

d.    Anil Bokli

Ans : Anil Bokli


9.    What was the name of Mr. Trump Board Game?

a.    Trump

b.    Trump Monopoly

c.    Trump Tower

d.    Trump Shuttle

Ans: Trump


10. Which American TV series in the year 2000 predicted win for Trump in Presidential elections?

a.    The Simpsons

b.    Psych

c.    Late Night with Canon O Brien

d.    The Smurfs

Ans :   The Simpsons