Computer G k - 4

Published on:  2016-11-07
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Computer  G k - 4


1. World Wide Web was proposed by

A. Bill Gates

B. Tim Beners lee

C. Bill Rogers

D. None of these


Ans: Tim Beners lee


2. Which among the following is not an Internet browser

A. Netscape navigator

B. Crome

C. Opera

D. Drupal


Ans: Drupal


3. What should be minimum requirement of random access memory (RAM) for

Internet access

A. 8 MB

B. 16 MB

C. 32 MB

D. 64 MB


Ans: 32 MB


4. A modem is not needed when accessing the Internet through


B. Cable

C. Wi- Fi

D. None of these


Ans: LAN


5. NSA stands for:

A. Norway Security Agency

B. National Security Agency

C. National Security Assessment

D. None of the above

Ans : National Security Agency


6. The ____ layer defines the electrical and physical specifications for devices:

A. Data Link Layer

B. Presentation Layer

C. Physical Layer

D. None of these


Ans: Physical Layer


7. HBA stands for:

A. Host Bus Adapters

B. Host Base Adapters

C. Hedged Based Adapters

D. None of these


Ans: Host Bus Adapters


8. HBA is used in ___

A. Storage Area Network

B. Software Based Network Only

C. Both Of Above

D. None Of These


Ans: Storage Area Network


9. What is the second generation of the web called

A. Second Life

B. Web 2.0

C. Emerging Space

D. None Of The Above


Ans: Web 2.0


10. Word Length of Personal  Computer  is

A. 4 Bits

B. 8 Bits

C. 16 Bits

D. 32 Bits


Ans: 8 Bits